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What is archaeoSite?

archaeoSite is the simplest way to report an archaeological site with the State of Illinois.

  1. Use archaeoSite to Generate Site Data
    • Log in to archaeoSite
    • Enter site data for one or more sites
    • Download the resulting site data file
  2. Submit Site Information to Illinois State Museum (ISM)

    Send the site data file (along with a 1:24000 scale topo map and a detail map of the site) to the ISM. The site file curator will finalize the information and send back a completed site data file.

  3. Use archaeoSite to Print Finalized Site Forms
    • Upload the completed data file into archaeoSite
    • Click 'View Printable Reports'
    • Print the resulting page to paper or PDF using your browser's 'Print' function.

What is in the works for archaeoSite?

Future improvements to the site will take place in stages and will simplify the site file submission process even further. Plans include:

Stage 1: A method for uploading your figures and having archaeoSite send all files to the ISM on your behalf.

Stage 2: Interactive map for drawing site limits and having archaeoMap generate the figures for you.

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